Jaipur, India

Jaipur is a city in northern India which has some dramatic contrasts. One one hand it has world renowned architecture, but it also has many children who live in poverty.

Children of Hope School is a small school in the slums of Jaipur. It was started by an MBA graduate, Ravi Mohan Pahadiya, who left his career as a sales executive for Reebok Corporation. He went into the streets to help bring the children out of poverty through education.

Pastor Ravi

With a small group of teachers and volunteers, Children of Hope School provides the poorest of children with food, clothing, and an education that can unlock their potential and give them real opportunity for a better future.


Assistant Director Gunjan

We don't have a lot or money or resources, but with the little bit that we have, we make a tremendous difference in children's lives. 

At a Glance

  • Founded July 2014
  • Registered non-profit organization (Rajvilas Sansthan)
  • 90 Students Presently Enrolled
  • 94 Meals Served Daily including staff
  • 12 Graduates in 2019
  • 2019 Operating Budget $13,416 US (40 students)

Where your donations go

Books, School Supplies, Meals


Teachers and Cook's Stipends




* data as of 10/01/2020

Dedicated Staff


Assistant Director Gunjan

Our sponsors are all familiar with Gunjan. She can be seen helping with every event, even teaching the children the basics of cooking. You can see her working with the children through our VoTech Program.  Sponsors see her name frequently when she translates and sends messages to them from their sponsored students.

As important as she is, you may be surprised that she only works for the school part-time as a volunteer, since she must earn money for the support of her parents, sister and brother.  



Hi, I'm Lali. We are now teaching almost 90 children, ages from 3 to 14. They are divided into multiple classrooms by age group, through the use of partitions that have been paid for by our generous supporters.


Sneholata, teacher


Seema, teacher


Rajin, cook

For the teachers and the Director to do all of the cooking each day for almost 90 children has become a serious problem. You can sponsor the cook we found, whose name is Rajni,

Please consider supporting a student at Children of Hope School. Your contribution will really give these children a brighter future.