Pastor Ravi Pahadiya

"Thank you for your concern for Children of Hope School students.
It is important for you to communicate with your sponsored student, since it gives them great happiness. We will translate your message and show it to Sahil. You can use the form on the right."

OR, you can send the message in Sahil's language, Hindi, by:
1. clicking on the Translate link below, then
2. enter your message in English (make sure you include Sahil's name),
3. copy the Hindi translation,
4. go to your personal email,
5. paste it into the message section, and
6. send the email to

Sahil will be thrilled to see the message from you in Sahil's own language. God bless you.


Now, when you receive a message back from Sahil, which you will receive in Hindi in your personal email,
1. copy the Hindi message,
2. click on the Translate link below,
3. paste the Hindi message into the left box, and receive the message from Sahil.


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    Subject: a message for Sahil
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