Special Event

Pastor Ravi:   "LED Project.   Please watch this video.   This is another LED project, a timer this time.   The students did this project work this week.   This LED timer circuit is used for advertising signs, such as on the road side or retail showroom.   Once the timer is set, then the light goes off after a certain time like at night time, and the time is adjustable.   There is a new boy in the group on the left.   His name is also Ravi, like mine.   He used to study at the Children of Hope School in 2017.   Then he went to live in his village.   After 3 years now, he has come back to the Children of Hope School.   Ravi is very interested in engineering projects.   He was involved in this LED timer project.   Ravi is not yet sponsored.   Click on the picture of the students to see the video."

Special Event

Pastor Ravi:   "FM Transmitter Project.   I helped by giving them the schematic and project kit.   They followed the diagram instructions to make this project.   The FM range is 500 Meters.   Ajay, Vijay, Kuldeep, Kartik (all members of the Jaipur Engineers in Training team) plus Pushpa, Kishan, and Sahil participated in this project."

In the U.S., students with a serious interest in electronics are expected to be able to follow a schematic and assemble an electronics kit such as this.   One would never expect this of students living in the slums of Jaipur, India.   But, Children of Hope School students did it, and the FM Transmitter works.

Special Event

Pastor Ravi:   "As a part of my consistent efforts to raise awareness and demonstrate support for environmental protection, Children participated in the One Tree One life Initiative.

Man, because of his voraciousness, is carelessly harming the environment without considering the need for it in the future. This has resulted in excessive amount of environmental degradation and deforestation. As quoted by Mahatma Gandhi, "What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another."

Planting tree saplings is one of the best ways to restore the damage caused by our carbon emission. The one tree one life initiative encourages an individual to plant at least one tree in his lifetime and not just planting it, but taking care of it for our future generations to remember us. as these green initiatives ensure a better quality of life in the cities. Children planted the sapling of lemon tree, guava tree and mostly herbs tree planted where it can take water every day. Children are promoting this campaign among the slum residents.

I explained the importance of planting trees, clean-up campaigns, recycling, reducing the use of plastic bags and reducing our carbon footprint. We all understood that for the welfare of future generations, it is important that we should be involved in such initiatives to save our depleting natural resources. After having planted the tree saplings, we pledged to be more responsible and were proud of owning the city we live in. We believed that we can change our living places to greener ones by adopting a green lifestyle.

The campaigns like this surely help cities around the world become more sustainable. These help in reminding us that we all have a role to play to ameliorate the condition of the environment. Children planted 40 trees."

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Special Event (Afterall, Mealtime is a Special Event too!)

Pastor Ravi:   "Gradually, more children are coming into the school. The children are learning skills, and their new syllabus study. We are missing the younger children. We hope our government will allow all the children to come to school soon.

The Students enjoy food in school every day."

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Special Event

Pastor Ravi:   "Gunjan initiated a class to teach the students how to make pizza. This is first time the children even learned about Pizza. They never even tasted it before this. Gunjan said that there is no need for an oven, because these children do not have an oven in their homes. So, Gunjan showed the children how to use a particular pot to make pizza at home. It is easily available at their home. In the class Gunjan used an oven to show children how pizza is typically made and how many kinds of pizza can be made."

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Special Event

Pastor Ravi:   "Last week, we started computer classes again in school.   The children are very excited to learn more about computers.   Even though they received computer training last year, after the first lockdown period they forgot everything!

We are teaching them Basic Computer knowledge.   The course includes:

  1. Introduction to Computers,
  2. Types of Computers,
  3. Parts of Computers,
  4. Input and output devices,
  5. Hardware and software,
  6. Storage devices,
  7. How to access a Computer,
  8. Understanding Word processing,
  9. Using Spread Sheets,
  10. And many more.

We are using 3 Computer systems with 15 students.   The first one is the School's Desktop Computer, the second is GBTH donated Laptop and the third is my personal Laptop.   This course will last for 2 months.

Although three systems are not enough for 15 students, we still thank God for these donated computers."

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Special Event

Pastor Ravi:   Hello Everyone in The Christ,   Praise the Lord   Greeting in Jesus name.

India is currently facing a second wave of pandemic - COVID 19.   The people all over the Jaipur slum community are experiencing a strict lockdown due to the uncontrolled spread of the virus, and the government, with the help of health workers, is trying its best in controlling the disease.   Due to the lockdown every marketing place has been shut and income generation activities are stopped until further notice.   The children's families dwelling in the slums who were engaged in the income generating activities now face an economic down fall because of the restrictions.

The Children of Hope School supporters are currently supporting these slum families in the form of dry grocery kits.   We provided around 50 nutrition kits to their families during this crucial situation.   Children and their Parents are truly thankful to all supporters of Children of Hope School.   They think that God sent his people to help them in their food crisis.   Through this activity, we share Jesus' love with them.   We put tracts in every kit.   Some children and their Parents are blessed and want to know more about Jesus.   What then?   Only that in every way, whether in pretense or in truth, Christ is proclaimed, and in that I rejoice. Philippians 1:18

With just $25 USD, a low income slum family in Jaipur, can get essentials like rice, wheat flour, spices, cooking oil, lentils, potato, onion, salt, soap, mask and tracts in every kits.   With these products, people in need can prepare meals for 20 days for a 5-member family.

The pandemic has been especially hard on the vulnerable communities.   Your support really matters.   Support Children of Hope School to distribute family Happiness Kits.   God works through his people. Psalm 132:15 "The LORD will SATISFY the POOR with FOOD"

We are very appreciative to all our generous sponsors and supporters to help provide to the poor families.   Please see attached all the pictures. God Bless you.

For his Kingdom,


Special Event

Pastor Ravi:   The pandemic has affected the whole world and has put human life in peril.   Health workers are trying their level best to ensure the safety of the lives of people.   The young girls from Jhalana Doongari, Jaipur slum have also ensured their participation in safeguarding the lives of people by introducing the best quality stitched masks to the market.   Since the pandemic affected human life seriously, the demand for masks hiked in the markets, but then the availability of stitched masks with good quality couldn't meet the rise in demand.   So, we trained 5 girls who were interested in learning to sew.   They were trained to stitch masks without a compromise in their quality.   The women introduced the masks of one type: Masks with cloth layers.   Masks with cloth layers were more efficient and could be re-used after proper washing.   We are happy to announce that this initiative which was started as a short-term livelihood activity, has been sustained till now and is being run successfully without a slight compromise in the quality of the masks.   The girls have produced around 700 masks with cloth layers into the market during the lockdown period when the supply of masks couldn't meet the demand.   The raw materials for the manufacturing of masks were made available only because of the contributions from the donors from the Children of Hope School.   Children of Hope School is helping women to earn a livelihood and sustain their families by stitching cotton masks.   Girls in slum areas stitch masks to support their families.   Thanks for all the supporter of Children of Hope School.


Special Event

Pastor Ravi:   How lucky are we to not have to worry about drinking water every single day?   Although with the current scenario of rivers and dams running dry, even the human race has to worry about access to water some day.   Keeping this in mind, we need to also realize that the birds in the sky and the bees that pollinate fruits and vegetables for us to live on through each day with adequate food are perishing and in despair, having no or minimal sources of water.   Birds are wondering here and there for water in the summer. Children of Hope School students took the initiative to hang water Parindas on trees for thirsty birds.   They hung 20 Parinda's for birds, not only surrounding the school, but also where there are birds in most need of water.   The children send this message to their sponsors: "Place a simple shallow earthen bowl, shallow so that the tiny birds don't drown, in your balcony or garden with fresh water for the birds to drink and bathe in."   Go with me on this, the sight of beautiful birds quenching their thirst and bathing in the water will satisfy your soul.


Special Event

This month's Special Event page is focussed on the skills training in tailoring and the beautician courses for the women belonging to the backward sections in the slum area of Jhalana Doongari, Jaipur.   The women and I are grateful for your support for these courses for these economically disadvantaged women and adolescent girls through the Children of Hope School.

They were given six months of training and were provided with material, thread, needles, clothes, scissors, etc.   In each group of 7-10 women and girls, course completion certificates were given in addition to conducting an orientation course on marketing skills.   With your donations through Children of Hope school we were able to conduct skill trainings for the women & young girls as per the market demands.

Without your generous donations it would be very difficult for us to provide livelihood support for the destitute women & young girls.   Thanks for supporting these projects giving the women and young girls livelihood opportunities.

We have given training to 81 for tailoring training and 21 beautician training to young girls.   Also, we have distributed course completion certificates.   The women and girls were very happy to receive the certificates.   Please see the following pictures.


Special Event

And now, the food kits have been distributed also by the Children of Hope School teachers, cook and some of the students.   As we said below, these Food Kits were funded by our generous supporters.   They were delivered to the families in dire need.   Just look at all of the families the Children of Hope School has helped!

Here is a special message for Pastor Ravi:

Hello Everyone in the Lord.   As Christians, the Bible is clear throughout its pages that we're called to give generously.   Even in the book of Exodus chapter 35, we see the Israelites all generously giving the materials and time to build the tabernacle. If any of those people decided to withhold the materials they owned or the skills they had, the tabernacle wouldn't have come together.

Thank you very much.   All sponsors and supporters once again have come together for giving urgent support in food for the needy slum families during the second wave of COVID-19 in India.   We give Glory to God for this. Praise the Lord ...!

In the New Testament God himself gave us his only Son because he loves us so much, and that Son died on a cross for us.   It sets a model that generosity in God's people should be sacrificial.

"The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor." Proverbs 22:9

This time, I would like to share some testimonies how God replies to prayers.

Student Ajay said, "I do not have hope this time to getting food because I have received food package three-time last year. But when I knew food is going to be distributed once again, I came and helped to make food kits for many families. Thank you God".

Student Vijay said, "My parents lost their daily wages jobs in the lockdown period.   And there was nothing to prepare at home to eat.   I was praying and trusting to God for giving us food again through the Children of Hope School.   Now God has done that for me and my family.   Thank you Jesus".

Student Arbaaj said, "My Parents say the Muslim community never helps in time of lockdown period.
But my family have strong faith in my school, the Children of Hope School, that we can get help with food once again. I am proud that I am a sponsored student at the Children of Hope School.   Thank you God".

The teachering staff and cook are very much thankful for all of the sponsors and supporters who provided funds during this urgent need for food.   They are committed to the Children of Hope School always.

We have distributed 50 grocery relief kits to slum families.   Some school children came along with their parents to receive the grocery kits.   The children and their parents were very happy to receive the food kits and gave thanks to Children of Hope School.

"A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed. Proverb 11:25"

The Bible is rich in wisdom about God's love for people living in poverty and about our responsibility to help.   We love the way Jesus showed us how to care for the poor and oppressed.   Let's all pray for the children, the slum families, and the communities of India in need.   Let's call upon the Lord in one accord.

Prayer --

Savior, we often forget the great price you paid to bring us salvation.   You became poor that we might be made rich.   How thankful we are for your unspeakable gift.   Grow our hearts to reflect your gracious love to others in need. Amen

Thank you so much, all Sponsors and Supporter of the Children of Hope School.   God Bless you richly.

For His Glory, Pastor Ravi   Please look at the many pictures to follow.   They may load slowly on your computer.

Special Event

This month's Special Event page is focussed on the recurring need for Food Kits for the Children of Hope School families once again caught up in a government shutdown.
Pastor Ravi and his wife, Gunjan, are too ill with COVID-19 to be involved, so the Children of Hope School teachers, cook and some of the students helped assemble what you see below.
These Food Kits were funded by our generous supporters.   The Food Kits will soon be delivered to the families in dire need.  

Families who received $25 Food Kits last year.
The boy on the right is a Children of Hope School student.

Pastor Ravi Pahadiya

"Thank you for your concern for Children of Hope School students.
You can support the school with any amount, which will be appreciated.
It will be a tax deductable donation.   Click on Support above."