Diksha, a Success Story

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Eight-year old Diksha was one of four children living near the Children of Hope School when we found her, wandering the slum in Jaipur. She was the first student sponsored.  Every day her mother leaves the children and goes to work loading vegetables into cartons. Her mother told Pastor Ravi, "I am the only who earns the money to run the family. It is even hard to provide three meals a day to my children." It was clear, her children did not receive proper daily meals to eat nor clothes to wear.

At the Children of Hope School, Diksha received a school uniform, books, writing materials, a backpack, and a proper daily meal. The change in her attitude and appearance was very apparent. This was a girl who at 8-years of age had no education whatsoever. She did not even speak her native language, Hindi, but spoke only a local Jaipur language. In the video below you will see her learning basic math. She participated with her classmates and was disciplined in her studies.

Diksha before attending school

How Diksha looked
when we found her
wandering the slums
of Jaipur.

Diksha in the classroom

Diksha also enjoyed participating in the school’s summer programs. This is her holding a Parinda, a bowl hung in trees and placed on roof tops to give water to the local birds.

Diksha in the classroom
As her language improved, we learned she had writing talent. Diksha won an essay contest at the school and was given an English-Hindi dictionary as a prize by the Director. She felt very honored to receive this gift. On the same day, special hats were worn by all of the children in celebration of Children's Day.
Diksha in the classroom

Many of the students have shown they have art skills, able to draw scenes they had never really experienced.

Diksha in the classroom

Here is a painting Diksha drew for her sponsor in the U.S.

Diksha in the classroom

In just 5 years, Diksha passed the 5th Standard (5th grade) and was accepted by a government school ½ mile from her home. They too offered her a school uniform and she came to the Children of Hope School to show the Director.

Diksha in the classroom

Having passed the 6th standard at the government school, during the following summer, Diksha participated in the Parinda project. Here she is, a young lady now, wearing a COVID-19 mask.

Diksha in the classroom | length 18 seconds

Diksha at the whiteboard | length 32 seconds

Her sponsors could not be prouder of 14-year old Diksha and they consider her a member of their family, a sponsored “daughter.” Consider sponsoring a student at the Children of Hope School. It will be one of the most awarding things you have ever done.

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