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We see a remarkable difference in the students before being sponsored and after, and I'm sure you do too. Thank you for the difference you have made in the lives of these children. We all see the new hope in their eyes and smiles.  — Pastor Ravi



Sponsored by:
Annelise Esbenshade
November 28, 2017

Khushi is 7-years old. She has a sister, Anjali, 9-years old, and a brother, Kuldeep, who is 12-years old. Khushi's father works as a carpenter and her mother works as a laborer. One day we met with Khushi's family and her father shared, "I have a daughter, Anjali, who cannot walk normal. Her left leg and left eye have been a problem from birth. I have spent lot's of money on her treatment. But, she has not improved. Although I was working, I could not earn enough money to run the family, and I was addicted to smoking. This addiction led me toward a serious illness, and it has been at least 6 months that my family has gone through a tough time. I could not even admit my children into a school." One day his neighbour shared with him about the Children of Hope School's free educational system.

Khushi's father shared with us that, "At first I did not believe about the free education, and so I sent my wife to check whether it's true or not. After confirmation by my wife, I was very surprised to hear about Children of Hope School. I admitted my children into the school. During the last year, my children have been getting the benefits of a free education. I am very thankful to all the school personnel. Khushi, Kuldeep, and Anjali are very intelligent in their classes."

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