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We see a remarkable difference in the students before being sponsored and after, and I'm sure you do too. Thank you for the difference you have made in the lives of these children. We all see the new hope in their eyes and smiles.  — Pastor Ravi

I want to be a Doctor



Sponsored by:
John and Kim
October 24, 2016

Lalit is a nine year old Boy. His parents work as laborers and earn too little afford even a daily meal for thier family. His three year old sister, Tara, studies in Children of Hope School. Lalit had a great desire to go to school, but he could not because his Parents did not have enough money to pay a school fee. His mother always worried about him, saw that other children are going to school, but her own son was not going to school. Similar to her son's age, her neighbors children were advancing to the next class every year, but her son had not started going to school yet. She was very worry about his future. His mother does not want her son to become laborer because of the lack of education. She wants to see her son become a successful person in society. He will be a good example for others. That was her desire for her son Lalit.

One day, his Mother came to Children of Hope School. His mother said, "My hope is on the Children of Hope School. My child's future will be safe in this school." After hearing her request, we admitted Lalit into our school. His Mother was very happy to see his son in School.

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