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We see a remarkable difference in the students before being sponsored and after, and I'm sure you do too. Thank you for the difference you have made in the lives of these children. We all see the new hope in their eyes and smiles.  — Pastor Ravi



Sponsored by:
Laura Keener
January 21, 2020

This is about a 7-year old girl named Khushi. Her father is a painter and mother is a house wife. Her father has a bad habit of using tobacco and smoking. Every time his mouth full of tobacco, and he is smoking, all of the family members were disturbed by his bad habit. Khushi's mother sent her two sons to live in the village because of this bad habit of her husband. The Mother feared her two sons would get started smoking. Khushi's parents are illiterate. They didn't know about the importance of an education.
For that reason they didn't send Khushi to school for the last 5 years. Khushi always saw children going to our school every day from her house. One day I met with khushi's mother and asked her why she did not send their daughter, Khushi, to school?

She replied to me, "I am illiterate. If I send her to school then what will she do? One day she will get married and go to the other's home." I convinced her mother for the need to send Khushi to Children of Hope School. I said, "There will now be some hope for her with a bright future. One day she will obtain an important position and people will know it was through you. Our school is for the poor and needy childrens." Her Mother thanked us for offering khushi an education. She now attends school regularly.

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