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We see a remarkable difference in the students before being sponsored and after, and I'm sure you do too. Thank you for the difference you have made in the lives of these children. We all see the new hope in their eyes and smiles.  — Pastor Ravi

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Sponsored by:
Teresa Summers Cerna
April 29, 2020

Pushpa has two brothers and three sisters. Her elder brother is an electrician and her younger brother is a painter, but both of them do not contribute any money to run the family, even though her older brother lives with the family. Pushpa's elder sister makes artificial necklaces in the home and sells them on the streets. Through that she buys some vegetable for the dinners. She is still not married. Pushpa's father is also a painter, but he works only four months out of the year. Her mother works as a laborer in a restaurant to earn some extra money. Pushpa's mother started to bring her also to work, but many people scold that child labour is a crime. Pushpa's mother started to cry, when we talked with her, as she was disappointed that she was not able to provide for an education for her daughter. She wanted to provide for an education for both daughters.

She searched for a school nearby. She came to us and we shared that her daughters can study without paying any money, and that they will get books and a once a day meal as well. Her heart was filled with the joy. Now Pushpa (age 13) and her sister Minakshi (age 9) regularly come to the Children of Hope School. Their mother has hope that Pushpa and Menakshi will receive a good education and have a bright future.

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