Children of Hope School provides students with traditional skills such as reading, writing, and arithmetic, but they also attend a wide range of special events that introduce them to a variety of future career paths.


Program Development

Our approach not only provides our students with key fundamentals, but also an understanding of their roles in the advancement of their community and their culture. New students often come to us with limited reading, writing, and language skills, so we apply a tailored approach to each student's specific needs. 

  • Formulation of learning objectives
  • Selection of instructional content
  • Organization of learning experiences
  • Determination of the evaluation process

Academic Schedule

Our students attend daily classes during the school year. All classes are taught in both English and Hindi, and computer education is required at all levels. To foster learning we also provide our students with a nutritious free lunch, which is often their best meal of the day.

Our courses are modeled after the Indian Government school curriculum, so after the 5th standard it is easy for our students to enter government schools. In addition to our standard curriculum we also provide additional learning opportunities through our Program and Events.

  • Nursery All in one: English and Hindi alphabet, Mathematics Counting, Hindi and English Poems, and Book Writing
    Nursery school students also identify words both in English and in Hindi, how to speak (some still have not yet learned to speak yet) and how to sit properly.
  • Lower Kindergarten: English, Hindi, Mathematics, and Book Writing.
  • Upper Kindergarten: English, Hindi, and Mathematics
  • 1st Standard: English, Hindi, Mathematics, and General Knowledge
  • 2nd Standard: English, Hindi, Mathematics, Moral education, and Hindi & English Grammar
  • 3rd Standard: English, Hindi, Mathematics, Moral education, Computer, Environment Studies, and Hindi & English Grammar
  • 4th Standard: English, Hindi, Mathematics, Moral science, Computer, Environment Studies, and Hindi & English Grammar
  • 5th Standard: English, Hindi, Mathematics, Moral Science, Computer, Environment Studies, and Hindi & English Grammar

Facilities & Staffing

Student in Classroom

Children of Hope School began with the feeding and instructing of children under a make-shift outside shelter, but we quickly realized that we needed a physical building that would provide a safe and functional learning environment. Our wonderful sponsors donated the funds to rent a suitable facility.

Our staff includes four part-time teachers and one cook, who educate and serve over 60 students a day. Our founder, Pastor Ravi, both teaches and plays an instrumental role in the administration of the school and the development of the curriculum.

Our ability to lift more and more children out of poverty and provide them with an education is solely dependent on the generosity of our sponsors. As more people give we will scale our programs, facilities, and staff to offer education, opportunity, and hope to even more children in need.